Walk, bike or skate to school…and be in to win prizes!

MoveIt is a campaign designed to encourage children to ditch the car to school and choose a healthier way instead – biking, walking, scootering or skateboarding.

How does it work?

  • Students are given a MoveIt card, which is stamped at the school gate by MoveIt volunteers (including children) each time they make an active trip to school during the promotion.
  • Once the card is full, it goes into a weekly school draw to win great prizes, such as t-shirts, vouchers and iWay merchandise. Parents can win prizes too!
  • MoveIt is flexible and can be adapted to suit your school. It can run for just a few weeks, or for longer. Many schools have existing programmes such as “Walking Wednesdays”, so it could run alongside these too.

Why get involved?

  • Less school gate congestion.
  • Helps kids develop life skills such as road safety.
  • Increases children’s independence.
  • Helps kids form healthy habits for the future.

To get involved, email info@iway.org.nz or phone the iWay team leader on 871 5000



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