The unique Blossom Ride!

ride that grows


Sunday 15 September, 10am onwards at the HB Opera House, Hastings 


This is the ride that grows – literally!

We’ll use the entry fees to plant beautiful new blossom trees along the ride route, so each year the ride will grow bigger and more lovely, and you can admire it’s progress…..

The trees will be planted before the day of the ride and marked so that you can see which ones you have helped plant.


What’s the route?

The ride starts from the HB Opera House – you can start any time from 10am onwards, and weaves its way to Havelock Road and along Te Mata Road

At the end of Te Mata Road why not stop off for a pit stop at the brand new Tandem Cafe – a free coffee for every rider!

From there, we’ll work our way down the Tuki Tuki towards Black Bridge (where you can also stop at the lovely Bivvy Cafe amongst the vines, the secret cafe only known by cyclists!)

Then on to the coast and out to Clive, before returning along the new pathway along the Clive river and towards the Showgrounds, before returning to the Opera House for refreshments and a FREE concert by the fantastic local band The Kawekas at 1pm

How long is it?

The ride is an easy, flat 35km and almost all on off-road pathways.  It would take an average rider about 2.5 hours, with time for pit stops. If you fancy taking an easy short cut, you could cut from Black Bridge to Clive which will mean the total ride would be about 27 km…..but you would miss seeing the sea 🙁

Is it suitable for kids?

We don’t recommend younger children take part – mainly because of the distance, and also because there are some on-road parts which are not marshalled.

Won’t I get lost?

No you won’t!  It’s an easy course to follow, much of it along stop banks. There will be lots of direction signs and a map for those who need one (but you won’t!)

Where can I get tickets?

$20 from Hastings i-site and also from Creative Hastings on Russell St.

There will also some tickets available on the day, at the start. But we recommend getting yours early!

What do you mean the start is “10am onwards”?

10am allows a slow rider to complete the course in plenty of time for the 1pm concert, but most people will probably ride a bit faster. So you don’t have to start at 10am if you don’t want to. If you’re feeling very frisky AND you’re one of those lycra types you could start at 11am (we will still be at the start!)

I’m not feeling energetic enough – can I just come to the Concert?

Come on, it’s easy! But if you must skip the ride, you can pay $2 entry on the door no worries

An amazing ride, contributing towards beautiful local trees and a great concert is all very well, but anything else?

Yes there is – the best dressed bike wins a fantastic, stylish cruiser bike presented at the concert afterwards.

Do I have any more questions?

We don’t know, but if you do why not email and we’ll probably be able to answer them. See you there.


Thanks to CREATIVE HASTINGS,  HASTINGS BLOSSOM FESTIVAL TRUST and TANDEM CAFE for their support for this event!

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