Remember to “share with care”

Walking, cycling, scootering – whatever way you choose to get around on Hawke’s Bay’s pathways, remember there are other users to.

Summer is a great time to be out on Hawke’s Bay’s pathways – but sometimes we need a little reminder that we are not the only ones using them.

You may have spotted iWay’s “share with care” stencil on various pathways around Napier and Hastings reminding users to keep left.

The region has more than 200km of safe and accessible pathways which are being added to, and are continuing to increase in popularity, says Lyndal Johansson, Community Cycling Development Officer.

“It’s fantastic that locals and visitors are using our pathways, but at the same time we need to make sure we are mindful of others. Keep left, slow down and ring your bell if you’re on a bike and approaching others, and if you’re walking your canine companion, it’s wise to keep your dog on a lead to avoid startling or tripping up other pathway users.”

Hastings District Council initiated iWay, then called a model communities project, in 2010. Hastings District and Napier City Councils have worked together on iWay since 2015.

It aims to ensure cycling and walking infrastructure across the two cities and district is consistent, and allows the sharing of events and educational programmes and campaigns.

Currently funding for iWay projects, programmes and campaigns is provided by the Councils, subsidised by Central Government through the New Zealand Transport Agency.

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