Hawke’s Bay Bike Style

Hawke’s Bay Bike Style aims to promote the everyday use of bicycles by capturing people getting around Hawke’s Bay on their bikes. By featuring their stories, we hope to inspire others to get on their bikes.

Hawke’s Bay is already regarded as one of the best places in the country to cycle, and a recent Government funding initiative will allow a further 50km’s of cycle paths to  built as part of the Urban Cycleways Programme.

Cycling is a fun, fast and cheap way to get around.  It’s also good for you, and makes you feel connected to your surroundings. And it’s green!

January 2018

Amanda Jackson

Where are you going?

To the bank in town

What are you wearing?

A cool comfortable summer dress

Tell us about your bike:

She is a dutch style bike with panniers and a stand, a basket and carrier, a dynamo for front and rear lights and is light and easy to manage around town. I can slip on sideways without needing to swing my leg over the seat.

Why ride?

A bike can get you closer to where you want to go with no parking fees and not a chance of a parking ticket. It is a cruisey way to exercise and costs nothing to run. I can shop, do chores, and generally use my bike for a cheap alternative to a car.

Favourite ride?

Anywhere that takes me along the water front from town to Bayview. Love the Airport ride that goes under the bridge at Pandora.

While riding you…?  

Smile! I love it!

How can Hawke’s Bay improve bike infrastructure or become more bike friendly?  

Keep adding bike stands in busy places in the open. It is dangerous to ride alongside parked cars when a door can open in your face so an occasional footpath shared lane would be safer. Everyone on a bike needs to be encouraged to use a bell to warn other cyclists and pedestrians they are coming. Napier particularly has done amazing work to make cycling a good choice and an easy option


April 26 2017

Antony Steiner

Where are you going?
I’ve just cycled to work at Langley Twigg, West Quay and about to leave again on my way to Napier Court

What are you wearing?
Nothing special, just a business suit and formal black shoes

Tell us about your bike.
It’s a 16 year old steel-framed UK made Dawes adapted for more comfortable riding with the addition of Dutch-style handlebars. Recently I have added a motorised front hub to help me up Hospital Hill, on top of which I live.

Why ride?
Because it is just too much fun and functional not to. By far the best way to get around Napier

Favourite ride?
To and from Clive Square market on Saturday morning to buy fresh food and bring home breakfast

While riding you…?
Let my mind roam, and enjoy seeing the world at a human pace. When on the road, I try not to daydream so much I forget the traffic.

How can Hawkes Bay improve bike infrastructure or be more bike friendly?
Paint all available hard shoulders green to teach drivers to expect cyclists, and take the green paint right up to junctions even if the shoulder disappears i.e. take up part of the left hand lane. Stop the dangerous practice of necking-down to simply two lanes on the approach to roundabouts

February 9 2017

Marjolijn Cassie

Where are you going?

I’m off to work at Learning Innovations Ltd, Hastings, where I’m an EsoI Tutor for migrants and refugees.


What are you wearing?

My favourite colourful pants and matching orange/red top and shoes, and bag, of course.


Tell us about your bike?

I’ve just updated my beautiful green bike – Del Sol from the Hub, Hastings – ( they didn’t have my favourite colour purple) which I chose for comfort as I bike to work daily and often use the Iway trails in HB and in other parts of NZ.


Why ride?

Why not? An easy and free way to travel……free, in more ways than one. Keeps me active and alert and apart from being polluted on, it’s non-pollutive! And fun!


Favourite ride?

Hawkes Bay Trails, but I did enjoy the Rimutakas difficult trail last Labour Weekend, but on my old bike…I’m waiting for the Hauraki Trail to meet up with Kawakawa.


While riding you…?

Enjoy the scenery, breathe in (mostly) fresh air and chat to fellow riders.


How can Hawkes Bay improve bike infrastructure or more bike friendly?

Keep up the good work and educate those “impatient” drivers that there’s room for all. More trails are always welcome. I always invite visitors ( Kiwis and overseas) to join me on the Hawkes Bay Trails, be it to the coast, Napier or wineries and the response is always positive. We have some great trails here in the Bay.



February 2 2017

Derryn Fitness

Where are you going?   Home to work, Sport Hawke’s Bay


What are you wearing? Dress


Tell us about your bike?

It’s a new bike I bought myself for Christmas from Bike Barn, it’s a Merida Crossway which is good for cycling on the pathways and road.


Why ride?

I’m trying to cycle to increase my fitness, and I enjoy the outdoors.   Also I want to cycle more with my kids.


Favourite ride?

My family and I enjoyed riding out bikes through Clifton and Te Awanga over the holidays.

My children really love cycling along Marine Parade and around the Port.


While riding you…?

I find it quite peaceful, so normally I just enjoy my surroundings.


How can Hawkes Bay improve bike infrastructure or more bike friendly?

I think Hawke’s Bay already has amazing opportunities to cycle with all the pathways and amazing weather we have.   It’s probably more just awareness and decreasing barriers to cycling, as it can be quite expensive purchasing bikes.


January 9 2017

Katie Durbin 


Where are you going?

To Book Club Christmas Meal

What are you wearing?

One of my favourite summer dresses

Tell us about your bike

It’s a fantastic electric bike, I brought it from Cranked Bikes last Jan. I wanted a bike as a mode of transport and to run errands etc not one for sport and essential lycra wearing, but I live at the top of Napier hill so I just never got round to riding my normal bike because getting home was such a nightmare. Now it’s a dream, I ride my bike everywhere including work in Hastings sometimes.

Why ride?

Because it’s fun, its healthy, it’s better for me and the environment

Favourite ride?

Next to the sea, we are so lucky to be able to ride along the Pacific Ocean in the sun. It just doesn’t get any better

While riding you…?

I relax, unwind from the day and smile because life is good

How can Hawkes Bay improve bike infrastructure or more bike friendly?

Between the bridge clip on’s and Clive make a bike lane, because lots of people bike along the edge of the road instead of using the bike path around the back of Hohepa. Also an underpass so you can get across to the clip on safely as crossing 3 lanes of traffic all going 100km is not fun at all.

I use the bike path because I’m a wimp with traffic.


September 28th 2015

Vicki – EIT – Taradale  

V Butterworth


Where are you going? To run errands for work

What are you wearing? Comfy jeans, high laced boots, work Sweatshirt, Smith helmet and sunglasses

Tell us about your bike……  Pashley, English made, 3 speeds with an internal hub. It has an upright riding position, and is a great way to ride. The panniers are essential to carrying all my gear – books, laptop etc. It also has a chain guard and mud guards, which allows me to wear whatever I want. I have owned her for 5 years.

Why ride? To get fresh air, saves using my car, great exercise and great for short trips.

Favourite ride? Great Lakes Trails – W2K Whakapo – Kinloch. Mountain Biking in our NZ native bush.

While riding you…? Do my best thinking! Forget about the stresses of the day.

How can Hawkes Bay improve bike infrastructure or more bike friendly? All the Hawkes Bays Councils need to work together to create easy, simple and safe linkages between cities. I would love to see a real effort to make it safer for children to ride to school, school gate congestion is terrible. Think how much healthier and enjoyable it would be for families if kids walked, scootered or rode to school?