Walking and cycling keeps kids fit and healthy, can save parents money, increase confidence and is good on the environment. 

iWay has been working with local schools in the Hastings District to keep children safe when riding their bike or walking to school. We’ve installed school zone markings outside schools, trained kids on bike safety and given people the opportunity to have their bikes fixed for free at our Big Bike Fix.

See how you and your school can get involved.

School Travel Plans/Suggested Routes to School

The iWay walking and cycling network, mostly flat roads and great weather makes our community a great place to walk and ride. We have produced the following school travel plans and suggested routes to school brochures to encourage adults and students to consider walking, scooting, skating and cycling to school.

School Travel Plans | Suggested Routes to School

MoveIt Campaign

Crock & Roll Card

MoveIt is a simple, fun, flexible promotion to encourage kids to ditch the car to school and choose a healthier way instead – biking, walking, scootering or skateboarding.
Find out how your school can get involved here.


Big Bike Fix

Bike fix

Neglected bikes needing a tune-up can be taken to any of our Big Bike Fix events and checked out for free by a biking professional.
Visit our events page for the next Big Bike Fix event in your area.

Cycle Skills Training

Cycle training

iWay has teamed up with Sport Hawkes Bay and Cycling New Zealand to deliver a high calibre Cycle Skills Training programme which follows the NZTA Grade 1 and Grade 2 guidelines. Grade 1 is delivered off road, which covers correct helmet fitting, basic bicycle check, and covering all basic cycling skills including: controlled braking, cornering, balance and control. Grade 2 is delivered both off and on road. Grade 2 covers the road code, how to ride through intersections and roundabouts and includes 2 group rides out on the road. These programmes are available to Year 5 – 8 students. Students must complete Grade 1 before engaging on Grade 2.

If your school is interested in finding out more about the Cycle Skills Programmes or booking in please contact Lyndal Johansson email: or Ph: 06 845 9336 Ext 719

To find out how we can support your school, email or phone the iWay team leader on 871 5000.